onsdag 7. januar 2015

Inspiration from "Stitch"

In every issue of the magazine "Stitch" I find at least one project I would like to make. I have just finished these two. The first one, buddleias,  is size 35 x 35cm. The leaves are silk scraps, raw edge appliqued. The flowers are made of tiny silk scraps, trapped between two sheets of water soluble plastic, heavily quilted and then fixed to the background with french knots. Although I like making french knots, it will take some time before I'll make them again. I haven't counted the stitches.....
The Indian ladies are A4 size. I painted the background, stamped and embroidered it. The bowl and feet are also painted, the saris are made of silk - and of course with some "bling" and embroidery.

tirsdag 30. desember 2014

Quilter's Heaven

The pattern for Quilter's Heaven by Joan's Own Creations was a birthdays present some years ago. At long last it's finished! It was a very time consuming piece (size 25 x 31") - with lot of details (in addition, I also made some personal details). The quilts on display on the walls are photo prints of some of my own quilts....
If anyone out there would like to make this wall hanging (the text is in English), please leave a comment about it, and I'll contact you reg your postal address (please check that you don't have a no-reply address). Let's call it a delayed Christmas present......

fredag 5. desember 2014

Paper Piecing

This is one of the first projects I made when I started quilting some years ago. At that time I thought that putting together a lot of square blocks would make a square piece without any measuring. I can promise you, I was  wrong!! So, for several years this piece have been a part of my "re-do pile". It had a wide, heavy handquilted border, but after hours with ripping, ripping and ripping, it finally turned out like this. As you can see at the bottom of the piece, it's not perfect - but much better than it was. And I like the colours....

mandag 17. november 2014

Cover for a Tablet

This blog has been neglected for a long time now, but I'm still sewing.....
I have just finished this cover for my Galaxy tab. The fabrics are linen and silk - the inspiration was found in NQF's magazine #1/2013.

fredag 1. august 2014

English Paper Piecing

At long last, I've tried English paper piecing. Time consuming, but great fun! This is a gift for a friend, and I hope she'll like it.

søndag 22. juni 2014

Flower Panels #3 and 4

 Flower panels # 3 and 4 are made with the same flower stencils as the first two panels. # 3 is painted with fabric paint and paintsticks, I used the stencils as quilting pattern, and I also used ripped painter's masking tape as stencils.
#4 has flowers made of painted vlisofix (wonder under?) and some silver foil for the stems. This panel is heavily quilted with free-hand zig zag stitches. That made the flowers "pop out" rather nice, I think.
I like making french knots, so I added some as a finish.
The panels were finished in April I think, but we have had many weeks with lovely weather here, so I've been busy in the garden - no time for blogging!!

fredag 18. april 2014

Book Page April 2014

This is my book page for Anne in Germany. Her theme is "My Favourite Book" - and I have chosen Natasha Solomons' The Novel in the Viola. I read the book some months ago - highly recomended!!