søndag 17. april 2016

Another Little Quilt Swap # 10

For the third time I have signed up for Another Little Quilt Swap organized by Kate in UK. If you  like a fun challenge, you will find all the details here.

mandag 14. desember 2015

Projects for Christmas

 Too dark to make photos these days, but hopefully they'll give an impression of some of the table runners, place mats and pot holders I made for a Christmas market last weekend!!

lørdag 28. november 2015

Recycled table runners and a pair of jeans

 Old table runners and my last pair of old jeans have got a new life as cases for round knitting needles, shopping bags, a small table runner and a shoulder bag.........

tirsdag 17. november 2015

Table runner

This table runner was a real challenge! A friend gave me bits and pieces from her curtains (the white embroidered fabric) and asked if I could make a table runner for her. First, I made a few blocks with batic fabrics in grey and green, but it didn't work. Those blocks will end up as place mats I think. But then I remembered some silk fabrics I bought many years ago, and this is the result. Once again, the magazine My Quilt was my inspiration. 
Best of all, my friend loved the result!!

onsdag 28. oktober 2015

Folders for Travel Documents

Just in time for a holiday earlier in October, I finished one of these folders for organizing my travel documents. There are pockets for passport, tickets, cards, a pen and also a zipper pocket for coins or other bits and pieces. Very handy!
Today I finished another folder for a travelling friend....
I found the pattern in the Norwegian magazine "My Quilt".

søndag 5. april 2015

Recycled Jeans #2

Another pair of old jeans got a new life as purses, size 9 x 7".
I wonder what I shall do with the remaining 2 jeans......

mandag 23. februar 2015

Recycled Jeans = shopping bag, wine bags and pot holders

 Two pair of old jeans have got a new life as wine bags, a shopping bag and pot holders (and of course I ended up with more sraps....!) These ladies are favourites  - the signs say "Dinner is poured", "Drinks well with others" and " How can I have time to cook and clean when I've been shopping all day?"