torsdag 29. november 2007

Two seasons - Two trees

From time to time I try to read German - to be honest, I look at the photos in the magazines! I find lot of inspiration and I've made these two wallhangings called Mauve Autumn and Pink Spring. The trunks are needle felted, the leaves are cotton, silk, organza and painted fusible web. The backgrounds are heavily quilted with decorative stitches.

onsdag 28. november 2007


The winter in Norway is long, dark and cold. As a comfort, I have just finished this wallhanging with some of my favourite roses from the garden. I trapped petals and leaves between organza and fusible web, ironed it all together and made a sort of tiles which are mounted with brads on a quilted background. Each tile has some freemotion embroidery.

Close up of two of the tiles:

A Rainy Day

A cold and rainy day in Oslo - a perfect day for "constructing" my blog which, so far, only has been an idea in my head. I do hope this will work!

Also a perfect day for some small sewing projects: