mandag 31. desember 2007

Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone!! Thanks for visiting in 2007 - and welcome back in 2008!

This is one of my postcards in a swap called "Left Overs". It's indeed a left over card - as background I've used selvages from some of my fabrics........The fish?? Well, that's what's left after Christmas.....

lørdag 29. desember 2007

Plans for The New Year

In January 2007 I stopped smoking after nearly 40 years as an addictive. It was a fight and a struggle, and from time to time, it still is!! But so far, I've made it - and therefore my plans for January 2008 are something quite different - only funny, colourful, interesting, creative things.......
I've decided to make a journal for myself. There are so many techniques I would like to try, so why not a journal?? This is the frontpage and the back - slightly bigger than A4 - made with cotton fabric, wool, Angelina, organza and silk yarn. There are pockets on the inside, just in case I need to make a note or five.... Since I have no idea of how many pages I'll end up with, I have made eyelets on both pages, so I can use a string to tie it all together.

The inspiration for making this journal came from these two ladies, Bente Nysæther Malm og Sue Bleiweiss. If you haven't visited their blogs, you can look forward to lots of tips and ideas!!
I have also signed up for Patti Medaris Culea's Stargazer Tome. Patti is among other things also a doll maker, and she has made patterns for a tome with some fun and fantastic kind of dolls. By now I think we are 40 persons that have signed up for a Yahoo-group where we can share ideas and photos of work in progress - and hopefully - at the end of 2008 we all have finished a tome with 12 pages and box to keep the "treasure" in. Each page will have different techniques, fabric printing, Tyvek, beads, felting and so on. You can find out more here.

torsdag 27. desember 2007

Made it!!

Although Santa didn't come back for assistance, tonight the embroidery unit is working!!! This is my first attempt - I wish the manuals had been in Norwegian - but anyway, this will be great fun.....

lørdag 22. desember 2007

Wanted! Alive!

Has anyone seen this fellow??

He has been here, and he left all these bits and pieces on my sewing table without putting it all together:

If you see him, please ask him to come back here and give me a hand!!

fredag 21. desember 2007

Winter Solstice

Winter solstice, and the day is 12 hours and 57 minutes shorter than on the 21st of June here in Oslo. No sunshine in my garden these days, but this is how one of my neighbour's trees looks like at noon - only for a few minutes.....

onsdag 19. desember 2007

Butterflies and Dragonflies

I have received these two lovely postcards in the "Butterflies and Dragonflies" swap. My scanner doesn't show how sparkling the cards really are - metallic threads, crystals and I think also glitter glue.
Thanks a lot Vicky and Charlie - you made my day!!

lørdag 15. desember 2007

Tactile Chess Board

This is a tactile wallhanging showing a very famous Chess game: Spassky versus Fischer in the Siegen Olympiad in 1970. The "white" chess pieces are made of silk with longish beads, the "black" pieces are felted wool with sead beads. The horses have of course manes... Hopefully it's possible to see the details by clicking on the photos...

For those who don't read Braille (!!), the label on the back gives the information about the game, my name and date. I embroidered the Braille letters with French knots, so it should be possible to read them.

fredag 14. desember 2007


This is my Santa from Oz - a pattern from the magazine Patchwork and Quilting some years ago. Of course his name is"Aussie".

torsdag 13. desember 2007

Quilt Diva

Last night my local guild arranged the Christmas meeting. Thanks ladies in Lørenskog quilteklubb for a lovely evening. I didn't bring my camera, but I'm quit sure this diva (or maybe her sister?) was present.

I admire her necklace and the bracelet. If you click on the photo, you should be able to see the details.

onsdag 12. desember 2007


It's cold and dark in Oslo these days, sunrise is about 9.15 a.m. Nothing much to see outside my bedroom window when I wake up in the morning - that's why I have put up this wallhanging next to my bed. I've called it "Provence".....

tirsdag 11. desember 2007

More Postcards

This is one of the postcards I finished today for a swap called "Butterflies and Dragonflies". The background fabric is sunprints I made this summer. Off they go to Canada and US.....

søndag 9. desember 2007

Christmas Gift

Last night I visited Veronique's blog, and there I found the idea for sewing this cracker on water soluble plastic. I wrapped a tiny Christmas gift inside. It looks like a chocolate, but it's not!!

fredag 7. desember 2007


I read somewhere that mixing household ammoniac and copper will make a lovely blue/green colour. I had to try, and what I did was collecting what I could find of copper coins, wrapped them in some white cotton fabric and a piece of cheese cloth, tied it all with copper wire, put it in a glass jar and poured the liquid over. This is what it looks like after 2 days. Nothing much happend the first day, probably I had used too much liquid. Now it's only a little left and the fabric looks clear blue and the coins green. I'll try to leave it in the jar for a few more days, and maybe add some more coins.....

onsdag 5. desember 2007


I don't like winter-time in Norway, but I enjoy these dark days before Christmas, lightening candles and writing the snail-mail Christmas postcards. In Norway we celebrate Advent - the four weeks before Christmas evening - with a lot of decorations with lights both indoor and outdoor. Most people have a kind of candlestick with 4 candles - one for each of the 4 Sundays before Christmas - on their coffee- or dinnertable. This one I bought in Germany some years ago, and I think it's very nice. It shows the holy family, the 3 holy kings and a shepard with his sheep. When we light the second candle it will start to rotate - my granddaughter was very worried about this - she was afraid baby Jesus would fall out of the crib when the last candle was lighted. So far, we haven't had any accidents!!

tirsdag 4. desember 2007

Fabric Postcard

I signed up for a fabric postcard swap called "Creepy Crawlies". Of course it had to be a cob...

The web is bobbin work with a thick silvery thread. It doesn't show very well on the photo, but it's really shining. The letters and the cob were freehand sewn with a thin, metallic thread.

5 cards are on their way to UK and US - this one will be stored in one of my boxes - just in case....

mandag 3. desember 2007

Advent Calendar

This is the advent calendar I made for my youngest grandchild for his birthday in September. I hope he will have much fun with it in the years to come - he's only 3.......

søndag 2. desember 2007

Boxes For Fabric Postcards

For some months I've been member of a group where we exchange fabric postcards. It's great fun both to make them and to receive them. At last something else than bills in the mailbox.
My collection of cards is growing, and the wall space is limited, so I was very happy when I found a blog with instructions for how to make these fabric boxes. Thank you Carol, you solved a problem!! The link to her blog is here.

Maybe A Christmas Present?

I found this pattern in "Quiltemagasinet" nr 3/07 (one of the Norwegian Quilting magazines). The designer is AnnAKa.