mandag 31. desember 2007

Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone!! Thanks for visiting in 2007 - and welcome back in 2008!

This is one of my postcards in a swap called "Left Overs". It's indeed a left over card - as background I've used selvages from some of my fabrics........The fish?? Well, that's what's left after Christmas.....

4 kommentarer:

Carol sa...

It's a beautiful postcard Lise.

A very Happy New Year to you and yours.

verobirdie sa...

LOL, this is a beautiful postcard. Thanks for sharing.
Happy New Year to you!

Annettenett sa...

Så utrolig kult!!!
Og godt nytt åt ja:)

Gudveig HN sa...

Utrolig flotte kort du har sydd! Rene kunsten, jo!
Godt Nytt År!