tirsdag 30. desember 2008

Snakes and Ladders

I think this game is called "Snakes and Ladders" in English - anyway it's a fun game to play for "childish" persons. I made it for my grandson for Christmas.
Happy New Year To All My Visitors

tirsdag 23. desember 2008

Goodies in the Mail

I've received my Shades of the Forest quilties from Lenna's Creative Swaps. Thanks to Kiki, Fabienne, Wil and Sharon for your beautiful work!!

Then 5 lovely Christmas ornaments from Beate Knappe's international ornament swap. Great fun! I'll join next year as well, Beate!

torsdag 4. desember 2008

Emma's Tree

In the Art4Mail group we are doing a Christmas swap called "Emma's Tree". This is my tree, which will be in the mail for Canada today.

One of the members of the group lost her daughter Emma in breast cancer some years ago. This pattern is made in honour of Emma. Finished, it measures 22 x 19". I loved making the tree, and I've printed several prints and will use them as this years Christmas cards.

I think it's very touching of Miriam making this tree and name it after her beloved daughter.

torsdag 27. november 2008

Book Cover

Some time ago I found a tutorial on Gina's blog for a book cover. I think it's a great way using scraps. This is my first attempt, and I think it turned out OK. The flower is also made from scrap, some painted and heat distressed Tyvek from another project. You'll find the tutorial here.

mandag 24. november 2008


Annica sent me the first postcard and also the lovely tag. Thanks Annica, your embroidery is great, and the colours are beautiful.
The second card I posted to Mieke in The Netherlands today. It's called "Blue December Night" and it's a warming up swap for a fabric book swap we have signed up for next year. It's very difficult to photograph Angelina and glitter, with flash the shiny parts become too shiny, and without the flash everything looks dull....Anyway, I hope Mieke will enjoy the card.

torsdag 13. november 2008

Play time

Some weeks ago, I signed up for my first class ever, an online class called "Textured Surfaces" by the talented ladies Carol McFee and Lynda Monk. Some of you will know them from FibreinForm I think. So, I've spent hours playing with different paints, both acrylic, textile and silk, puff paint, moulding paste, gesso, latex paint, inks, bleech and you name it all! Great fun! The photos show a few (very few) of my samples. The first two became postcards, 4 x 6". I used plastic lace and puff paint before paint and ink and some metallic rub ons.

For the door I made a stencil of freezer paper and added moulding paste before I painted it all and appliqued the door and free hand quilted the piece. The size is 8,5 x 11,5", perfect for my fabric journal!
The blue sample is fabric painted with household paint which was covered with diluted PVA glue and when the glue was wet I added a piece of grunge board and some torned textured paper. When all had dried, I painted with several layers of acrylic paints.

The last sample is called "Puff - the painted dragon" - I suppose some of you remember the song about Puff the magic dragon........He's of course made of puff paint and then painted. It was very difficult to photograph this piece, it's much more shiny copper and metallic green than the photo shows.
My next samples will show the use of writing ink and bleech on couched yarn - I've had some problems with finding the right inks for this use, but today I found black and blue.......

fredag 7. november 2008

Christmas Ornaments

I've signed up for Beate Knappe's International Christmas Ornament Swap. These are two of my entries. I think the elk/moose turned out quite nice, I'm not that happy with the pig! Anyway I think both of them are a nice "twist" on the old heart pattern which is a common ornament in Scandinavia. Usually the hearts are made of paper. I've used felt, and of course I put some sweets inside!!

torsdag 6. november 2008

Goodies from UK

Some days ago, I won a giveaway on Guzziesue's blog. She had made a beautiful bobbin lace bookmark, and I was so happy that I was the lucky one to win it. Today I found a big envelope in my mailbox, and inside it so many gifts!! A shoppingbag from Germany, a gorgeous magazine called "Stitch", beads, charms, badges, a lovely little felted brooch (the green bird), tea, chocolate, fancy yarn - and the bookmark which is so lovely. The close up is here:
Thank you so much Sue, I'm overwhelmed!!

lørdag 1. november 2008

Post # 100 - Draw of my Giveaway

The second post for today, and it's also my post # 100. My husband was responsible for the draw, and the winners are:

Gudveig and Kicsikatò. Can you please mail me your post addresses??

Thank you so much to all of you for the friendly and encouraging comments, they are all highly appreciated.

Post #99 - Goodies in the Mail

Look what I found in my mailbox today!! This is Gina's quilt for me in Another Little Quilt Swap #2 . I have followed the "birth" of this quilt on Gina's blog, and I was hoping she made it for me - which she did!!
And this is what I also found in the envelope: the most beautiful calendar for 2009 from Wales, actually I should have made 12 posts just to show the photos; they are gorgeous. I've been in Wales once, and I know the landscape is beautiful. Then I found a lovely card, 4 terrific fat quarterts, the November issue of Patchwork and Quilting and a box of peppermint chocolates......How did you know I love peppermint chocolate, Gina?? Thanks a lot for everything, I'm overwhelmed!!
If you like/love Labradors, and you haven't visited Gina's blog, please do. She has some wonderful photos and videos of Stanley there. I love them all - maybe because I'm the happy and sometimes frustrated Mum of a black Labrador??

onsdag 29. oktober 2008

Goodbye Garden

How I hate this!! It's only October...No more gardening for several months!

søndag 26. oktober 2008

Journal 2008 - Pages 6 and 7

It's a long time since I made any pages for my 2008 Journal, but today I finished these two scrap quilts (8,5 x 11,5"). The inspiration came from Quilting Arts Magazine.
The Red Robin is my favourite bird - The last years we've had some in the garden through the winter, although they are birds of passage...
Please don't forget my Giveaway - I'll draw two names on the 1st of November.

søndag 19. oktober 2008


Looking at the counter this morning, I saw that my visitor # 10.000 will be here shortly - this is my post # 96 (nearly 100) - and in November I can celebrate one year's anniversary in Blogland: Time for a giveaway or two!! This has been an amazing year; I've met lot of wonderful people, some of them even in real life!! And you have given me so much inspiration and sunshine - even on rainy days. Thanks a lot!!
Would you like one of these wall hangings (13 x 13")?? Please leave a comment on my blog before the 1st of November! My Labrador has promised to do his best reg the drawing...

onsdag 15. oktober 2008


This is one of four nearly similar quilties (6 x 6") I've made for a swap organized by Lenna Andrews. The swap is called "Shades of the Forest". I'll send Lenna my quilties, and in a few weeks time, I'll receive four pieces made by four different artist. How exciting!!
Take a look at Lenna's blog, she organizes a lot of swaps!

I used a fabric with a leaf pattern as background, covered it with snippets of net and Angelina cut in leaf shapes, covered it all with organza and free motion quilted before I mounted the fabric on linen and added some couched yarn. We have the most beautiful autumn in my part of Norway, and I've been inspired from all the gorgeous colours we have enjoyed for weeks.

tirsdag 7. oktober 2008

Fruit and Awards

These two wallhangings are inspired by the book "A workshop with Velda Newman". I like the texture of some of the melons. I painted the lemons and orange with water color pencils before quilting. If you click on the photos, you'll see the details.

Lucky me: I have received two blog awards lately!! The first one from Peg and the second from Annica. Thanks a lot ladies - you make me blush!! - and it means a lot to me.
I'm supposed to give these awards to other bloggers, but this time I just can't decide which ones to select. So, if you read this and know that you are among my blog friends, please feel free to copy the awards to your blog.

søndag 28. september 2008

Greek Style

No quilting, no stitching, no sewing for more than two weeks, but lots of gorgeous food, wine and sunshine in our favourite Greek village. The photo shows some of the goodies I brought back home: olives, olives, olives, tapenade, olive oil, honey, soap, "the good eye" which will protect our house, ozo and a beautiful calendar for 2009, and a small calendar called Greek Doors - I can see some ideas for quilting projects there!!

fredag 12. september 2008

Memories from the Festival of Quilts in Birmingham

Just for fun, I made this collage from the Festival of Quilts in Birmingham - bits and pieces from the catalogue - scanned and printed on cotton , a drawing made from a photo showing 4 fabric postcards friends (I'm not the artist!!). I used organza as overlay and as the photo shows, it's possible to print on the organza and the bottom layer shows through. The border is scraps from my stash, covered with tulle.

onsdag 10. september 2008

Two Challenges = Shady Garden

Some weeks ago, Inger Lise's challenge for me was to make a small wallhanging using one or more of the fabrics I painted and sunprinted this summer. Nearly at the same time, I joined Another Little Quilt Swap #2. This is the result of both challenges, a 16 x 16" wall hanging called "Shady Garden".
The background fabric is a sunprint covered with sheer fabric, some fresh flowers under organza, paintsticks and stencils, felted silk rows and waste, some beads, fancy yarn, painted and heat distressed Tyvek, heat distressed Kunin felt and some fabric flowers. The piece is machine quilted. I hope my partner will enjoy it!! And thanks to Inger Lise who got me going!

tirsdag 2. september 2008

Christmas UFOs

I suppose my Norwegian visitors will recognize AnnaKa's angel table runner....I nearly finished two of them before Christmas last year. The wall hanging is one of Dilys Fronks' patterns. Only the binding was missing on that one, so all of a sudden three Xmas gifts are finished!!

torsdag 28. august 2008

Leaves # 1-4

4 small wall hangings - each 10 x 12". I've played with different techniques. Clicking on the photos should show the details.

torsdag 21. august 2008

ATCs and an Experiment with Fresh Flowers

I've received some gorgeous ATCs. The first one is from Gunnel. I love these elegant ladies, especially their hats! The next one is from Sue, it's called Distressed Celtic Art. The photo doesn't show the colours very well, but if you click for a close up, it's better! The background is green velvet covered with organza, heavily stitched with green thread, then zapped with a heatgun and some gold paintstick on top. The last one I received from Jaqueline, shiny Angelina and fancy threads covered with tulle - and YES, I enjoy it very much! Thanks a lot ladies!
This photo shows an experiment with fresh flowers from my garden. The technique is easy and very decorative I think. I covered fabric with Misty Fuse, put grasses and Hydrangeas on top, covered with more Misty Fuse and a layer of organza and ironed it all between parchment paper. I've done this before with flowers on white fabric, but I think black turned out even better. The grasses and flowers on the left is trapped between layers of organza. The plan is to cut holes in a sunprinted fabric and use these pieces as "windows".

tirsdag 19. august 2008

Festival of Quilts

Last week I visited The Festival of Quilts in Birmingham. It was overwhelming and I really enjoyed everything, the exhibition, the shops, the prices and to meet some postcard- and blog-friends (thanks Sue for a lovely coffee break! and thanks to Gill, Sharon and Miriam with friends for all the laughter and fun!) As the photo shows, I hit the traders heavily - this photo only shows some of the goodies... The white roll is 6 meters of fabric prepared for dyeing..The suitcase had twice the weight on my way back home.

mandag 18. august 2008

Another Little Quilt Swap

So far, I have only swapped small pieces; postcards, inchies, bookmarks and ATCs, but now I've joined Kate North's "Another Little Quilt Swap" #2. There is a traditional section and an art quilt section and I think 70 persons have joined the swap. Nobody knows who is in each section (except for yourself and the person you will send your quilt to!). The mailing deadline is the 10th of November. This is supposed to be a surprise swap, I know who my partner is, and I know this person's preferences for the swap, but I don't know who will send me a quilt.....Exciting!!

fredag 8. august 2008

Postcards - Again!

The first 2 photos show a card for a swap called "Things you may find in my purse". I made the card as a purse, and when you open it, there's a photoprint inside of some of the things I carry with me...
The next card is for a swap called "In my dreams" - if you click on the photo you'll see what I'm dreaming of! Some time ago, Ati had a post on her blog where she showed a felted piece based on a rock carving. She also gave a link to a site about rock carvings in Norway. I had no idea that I live very close to some. Thanks for the information, Ati! This is my "interpretation" - felted wool and some knitting yarn - for a swap called "Where I live".
The last postcard is for a "Red and Black" swap - I've just stamped some red batik and used a pinking wheel on my rotary cutter.

søndag 3. august 2008

Results from a Sunny Day

The first photo shows rust dyed cotton on the left, and cotton dyed with tissue paper on the right. The others are sunprint on cotton. I used silk paints for the sunprints and played with ferns and leaves from the garden, a felted border, sequins and some paper clip. I've rust dyed and printed several pieces, so the question now is what to do with them???