tirsdag 1. januar 2008

Longing For Spring

Every year on the 1st of January, I start the "count-down" for spring, although I know that wintertime has just begun. And every day from now on until 21st of June I read the good news in the newspaper: Today the day is x minutes longer than yesterday and has increased with x minutes since winter solstice.
I'm an impatient person. This wallhanging says a lot of me: I love the time of the year when I can open all the windows, and I love my garden with all the flowers and the birds(- but I admit that daffodiles and snowdrops are not in bloom at the same time as the roses. Even not in my garden!!)
This quilt is my first paper pieced one. Some of the blocks are tiny, only 2", so it was a puzzle to put it all together, but I'm happy with the result. It's also one of my tactile quilts, that's why the curtains are on the "wrong" side of the window!!

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