onsdag 16. april 2008

More swaps

Once again, I've done a swap with Ebony, the very talented, 8 years old artist from Australia. The ATC is from her, and she has made it all by herself, even the felted background! Well done, Ebony!!

The Mah Jong card is from Charlie in a swap called : "I'd rather.........". No doubt, she would rather be playing. The last card is the one I'll send Charlie. And no doubt, I'd rather be on the beach instead of waiting for spring in Norway!

3 kommentarer:

Annettenett sa...

Herlig det kortet du har lagd her...hihi...tøft! Imponerende at hun er bare 8 år ja, wow!

Dianne sa...

Great ATC's!! I love your beach ATC - wonderful!!

Gudveig HN sa...

Morsomme og fine kort!