tirsdag 27. mai 2008

Lucky Lady

Some time ago I won this beautiful note book in a "give away" on Sue Bleiweiss' blog. Usually I never win anything, so I was thrilled about being one of the lucky ones.

The front is lovely, and the colours of the pages inside match the front. There are also some envelopes with handmade cards inside.

Thanks a LOT Sue, you are a source of inspiration!

Haven't you visited her blog? Please do, but be aware, it can take some time (well worth it though!!)

fredag 23. mai 2008

Journal 2008 - Page 4

Some years ago, Annette and I were colleagues. At that time, she was an eager painter, and I had just started quilting. Her advice to me was to take photos of my work like she did. (I wish I had...It took me a couple of years to understand the advice..)
When she moved to another part of the country, we lost the contact, but after I started blogging, we "met" again. On her blog, I found this photo of one of her paintings. I think both the man and the colours are so nice, so I "stold" a copy and made a kind of collage.
The background is a small quilt (A4 size) which is painted with acrylic paints. Some pieces of painted vlisofix is ironed on top together with copper embossing powder. The photo-print of the man is framed with painted bamboo skewers and copper wire.
Annette is'nt "only" a painter, she makes a lot of other things as well. Her blog is well worth a visit!

søndag 18. mai 2008

Tome - Page 4

Mid May and I've finished the April page of my Stargaze tome....The front of the page is painted - both the background, the sea weed and the mermaid. I used puff paint at the bottom and put in sand and sea shells while the paint was wet. The star fishes, bigger shells and sea horse is embroidered. Inside the big sea shell is a mini mermaid doll - she was tricky to make, she's so small! The back of the page is also painted - this time painted tissue paper. The tree trunk is puff paint again - the leaves are snippets of green scraps covered with organza and heavily quilted - the ground multicoloured snippets of fabric and fancy yarns covered with painted vlisofix - quilted with variegated tread and burned with a soldering iron.
Lots of details on this page - hopefully it's possible to have a closer look by clicking on the photos!
The size of the page is app 9 x 9".

søndag 11. mai 2008

Black and White

Some time ago I read one of Karen Eckmeier's articles based on her book "Happy Villages", and I just had to try her description. The wallhanging measures 45 x 40 cm (18 x 16 "), I used a lot of scraps, and in the lower right hand corner is a photo print of my grandmother's hometown sent her for her birthday in the year 1910!! It was lot of fun making this piece, and I already have an idea for a bigger one in my head!

lørdag 3. mai 2008

Fabric Postcards

I've got my first article published - in the Norwegian magazine "Quiltemagasinet"! For those of you who don't read Norwegian, the article is all about the fun of making and swapping fabric postcards......