fredag 23. mai 2008

Journal 2008 - Page 4

Some years ago, Annette and I were colleagues. At that time, she was an eager painter, and I had just started quilting. Her advice to me was to take photos of my work like she did. (I wish I had...It took me a couple of years to understand the advice..)
When she moved to another part of the country, we lost the contact, but after I started blogging, we "met" again. On her blog, I found this photo of one of her paintings. I think both the man and the colours are so nice, so I "stold" a copy and made a kind of collage.
The background is a small quilt (A4 size) which is painted with acrylic paints. Some pieces of painted vlisofix is ironed on top together with copper embossing powder. The photo-print of the man is framed with painted bamboo skewers and copper wire.
Annette is'nt "only" a painter, she makes a lot of other things as well. Her blog is well worth a visit!

3 kommentarer:

ewa-christine sa...

Tack för kommentaren på min blogg.
Trevligt att titta in hos dig och alla dina fina konstverk.
Ha en skön helg.

LiSbEtH sa...

Hei. Litt artig dette her, for jeg kjenner modellen på bildet. Veldig lett å se hvem det er :)Fikk se den som Annette fikk, og den var kjempefin.

Annettenett sa...

Nydelig! Tusen takk, Lise:)))