mandag 30. juni 2008

Summer Stitchery - # 2

I've finished two more of these garden ladies - and I've found fabric in my stash to make place mats. On a rainy day!

søndag 29. juni 2008


The first photo was taken in late March 2006, the second in late June - only 100 days between my worst and my favourite season of the year.

fredag 27. juni 2008

More Postcards

These are postcards I made for a swap called Mixed Media. The background is acrylic paint, coarse salt and foil. The first one was stamped, and then I added some painted Vlisofix and feathers. The second one has woven copper foil and beads.
This swap was called Lady in Red. Some of you will recognize Tilda's stamp. The background is a sheet of colour catcher which got a skin tone in the washing machine. I painted the sky and water, quilted the waves and used puff paint for the beach. This paint acts as glue when wet, so I added some sea shells and sand.

fredag 20. juni 2008

Tome - Page 5

Beading was the topic for page 5 of the Stargazer Tome. There should have been some more flowers in the grass on the front, and some scallops and fringes, but I must admit I'm fed up with beads at the moment! On the back of the page, I copied a laser transparency on to an ink jet transparency and transferred it to white fabric while the ink was still wet, maybe too wet, but the result is interesting I think. The back is also beaded, but it doesn't show up very well unless you click on the photo.
One of the pleasures of growing a garden is the luxury of lot of flowers. I have enjoyed these while beading:

søndag 15. juni 2008

Show and Tell-Bag

How do you transport your quilts to "show and tell"? Do you turn them down and put them in a plastic bag? Here is a better solution: Bente Malm made the pattern for this bag where you can roll the quilt neatly inside and carry it with you. The size of the bag is 29" x 11" when closed, 29" x 29" when open. As you can see of the first photo, the bottom is circular, you fasten the quilt inside and roll the lot to form a tube. What I need now is something to show, and someone to tell........

onsdag 11. juni 2008

Summer Stitchery # 1

I found these lovely patterns in a German magazine called "Patchwork Magazine". There are 4 more, and I think they will end up as place mats.

tirsdag 3. juni 2008

Play Day

So much fun with 2 cotton sheets and a package of fabric dyes!! I washed the sheets and cut them in 30 pieces a bit bigger than a fat quarter. I put each piece in a plastic bag, added pieces of cheese cloth to some of the bags, mixed the dyes and mesured according to what the "recipe" said and left it all over night. Then I rinsed the fabric - and to be sure, put it all in the washing machine. What I learnt was; it is a stupid idea to wash cheesecloth in the machine! But, what I ended up with was 30 pieces of marbled fabric (and cheese cloth!)