fredag 20. juni 2008

Tome - Page 5

Beading was the topic for page 5 of the Stargazer Tome. There should have been some more flowers in the grass on the front, and some scallops and fringes, but I must admit I'm fed up with beads at the moment! On the back of the page, I copied a laser transparency on to an ink jet transparency and transferred it to white fabric while the ink was still wet, maybe too wet, but the result is interesting I think. The back is also beaded, but it doesn't show up very well unless you click on the photo.
One of the pleasures of growing a garden is the luxury of lot of flowers. I have enjoyed these while beading:

2 kommentarer:

sirJack sa...

Amazing! The beading is absolutely wonderful! And so are your flowers :-)


Mye flott på bloggen din:-)
Ha en fin og kreativ uke hilsen fra nord:-))