torsdag 28. august 2008

Leaves # 1-4

4 small wall hangings - each 10 x 12". I've played with different techniques. Clicking on the photos should show the details.

torsdag 21. august 2008

ATCs and an Experiment with Fresh Flowers

I've received some gorgeous ATCs. The first one is from Gunnel. I love these elegant ladies, especially their hats! The next one is from Sue, it's called Distressed Celtic Art. The photo doesn't show the colours very well, but if you click for a close up, it's better! The background is green velvet covered with organza, heavily stitched with green thread, then zapped with a heatgun and some gold paintstick on top. The last one I received from Jaqueline, shiny Angelina and fancy threads covered with tulle - and YES, I enjoy it very much! Thanks a lot ladies!
This photo shows an experiment with fresh flowers from my garden. The technique is easy and very decorative I think. I covered fabric with Misty Fuse, put grasses and Hydrangeas on top, covered with more Misty Fuse and a layer of organza and ironed it all between parchment paper. I've done this before with flowers on white fabric, but I think black turned out even better. The grasses and flowers on the left is trapped between layers of organza. The plan is to cut holes in a sunprinted fabric and use these pieces as "windows".

tirsdag 19. august 2008

Festival of Quilts

Last week I visited The Festival of Quilts in Birmingham. It was overwhelming and I really enjoyed everything, the exhibition, the shops, the prices and to meet some postcard- and blog-friends (thanks Sue for a lovely coffee break! and thanks to Gill, Sharon and Miriam with friends for all the laughter and fun!) As the photo shows, I hit the traders heavily - this photo only shows some of the goodies... The white roll is 6 meters of fabric prepared for dyeing..The suitcase had twice the weight on my way back home.

mandag 18. august 2008

Another Little Quilt Swap

So far, I have only swapped small pieces; postcards, inchies, bookmarks and ATCs, but now I've joined Kate North's "Another Little Quilt Swap" #2. There is a traditional section and an art quilt section and I think 70 persons have joined the swap. Nobody knows who is in each section (except for yourself and the person you will send your quilt to!). The mailing deadline is the 10th of November. This is supposed to be a surprise swap, I know who my partner is, and I know this person's preferences for the swap, but I don't know who will send me a quilt.....Exciting!!

fredag 8. august 2008

Postcards - Again!

The first 2 photos show a card for a swap called "Things you may find in my purse". I made the card as a purse, and when you open it, there's a photoprint inside of some of the things I carry with me...
The next card is for a swap called "In my dreams" - if you click on the photo you'll see what I'm dreaming of! Some time ago, Ati had a post on her blog where she showed a felted piece based on a rock carving. She also gave a link to a site about rock carvings in Norway. I had no idea that I live very close to some. Thanks for the information, Ati! This is my "interpretation" - felted wool and some knitting yarn - for a swap called "Where I live".
The last postcard is for a "Red and Black" swap - I've just stamped some red batik and used a pinking wheel on my rotary cutter.

søndag 3. august 2008

Results from a Sunny Day

The first photo shows rust dyed cotton on the left, and cotton dyed with tissue paper on the right. The others are sunprint on cotton. I used silk paints for the sunprints and played with ferns and leaves from the garden, a felted border, sequins and some paper clip. I've rust dyed and printed several pieces, so the question now is what to do with them???