onsdag 15. oktober 2008


This is one of four nearly similar quilties (6 x 6") I've made for a swap organized by Lenna Andrews. The swap is called "Shades of the Forest". I'll send Lenna my quilties, and in a few weeks time, I'll receive four pieces made by four different artist. How exciting!!
Take a look at Lenna's blog, she organizes a lot of swaps!

I used a fabric with a leaf pattern as background, covered it with snippets of net and Angelina cut in leaf shapes, covered it all with organza and free motion quilted before I mounted the fabric on linen and added some couched yarn. We have the most beautiful autumn in my part of Norway, and I've been inspired from all the gorgeous colours we have enjoyed for weeks.

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ewa-christine sa...

Hej där och tack för kommentar på min blogg. Vilken uppmuntran!!

Så kul att byta småquiltar och jag förstår att det är spännande.

Gunnels blog sa...

Underbar! jag har gått en onlinekurs förra året för Lenna Andrews att göra fabric book / miniquilt-quilties. Hon är väldigt inspireradne och duktig

sirJack sa...

Denne var bare helt fantastisk! Du er flink til å delta i slike bytter - gir inspirasjon til andre :-)
Hilsen Siri.

Deb H sa...

Who wouldn't like one!?

Yikes, did you know you have a spider crawling around on your page!! I am very arachniphobic!

Happy anniversary!