torsdag 4. desember 2008

Emma's Tree

In the Art4Mail group we are doing a Christmas swap called "Emma's Tree". This is my tree, which will be in the mail for Canada today.

One of the members of the group lost her daughter Emma in breast cancer some years ago. This pattern is made in honour of Emma. Finished, it measures 22 x 19". I loved making the tree, and I've printed several prints and will use them as this years Christmas cards.

I think it's very touching of Miriam making this tree and name it after her beloved daughter.

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Lisa Alff sa...

Lise, this is a Lovely Tree and a great idea to use as Christmas cards.

Genie sa...

a Beautiful tree

Robin Mac sa...

What a beautiful tree and what a lovely idea.

Eliane Zimmermann sa...

Lovely tree! As you joined the ornamentswap from Beate: Probably there is my holly in your ornamentswapbunch (this was my first swap so I didn't consider to attach labels), the story behind the holly you can read on my new blog I gut my bunch today and everything is gorgeous!!! Cheers from Ireland, Eliane

Eliane Zimmermann sa...

Hello Lisa, thank you for visiting my blog, long way from Oslo to Glengarriff!!! I wish I had the time to sew quilts and look out for other quilters in Ireland. Here in the very rural area you even can't buy fabrics! I always go for fabric-shopping when I am in Germany, so I usually spend a lot of my money which I just earnt before during my teaching-journeys (aromatherapy)! In spring I will post mainly garden-images, as we have a real paradise with camellias, rhododendrons and many other subtropic plants.

bikerted sa...

Hello Lise,

sorry I have taken soooo long to thank you for my present. It is still unopened and I am counting down the hours to Christmas Eve.
Ian and myself have been very busy looking after Guzzisue since her accident. She is on the mend but it is going to take some time before she will be able to do some of her work again.
Here's wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Ted xx

Lise in Norway sa...

Et herlig juletre Lise. Nå er døra ferdig innrammet fra utfordringen. Skal få bilde av Eva sitt så du får se det og. God Jul