fredag 20. februar 2009

More Quilties

I have received the two first quilties in a swap in the Art4Mail-group called "Seahorses and Mermaids". Peggy made the first one, Nicki the next. It's a good idea to klick on the photos to admire alle the details!! Thanks a lot ladies.

This year I have joined a fabric book swap hosted by Ati in a group called Fibre Fever. Each partisipant has decided a theme for the book, and every mont we'll send and received a page for the book. This quiltie is the first page of my fabric book made by Marja in the Netherlands. Marja wrote that it shows winter flowers growing from their bulbs, longing for spring. Just what I needed - they say we have 3 times more snow in Oslo now than normal! Again, please klick on the photo to see the deatails.