tirsdag 22. september 2009

Scrap Quilt

Something HAD to be done!! I found a pattern for a scrap quilt calling for 1,5 " pieces. Hundreds and hundreds of them.... Cutting, cutting and cutting........:
Work in progress:
No doubt, I prefer making crab quilts and other small quilts!!

torsdag 10. september 2009

Lizard on a Ladder

This lucky lizard is one of several patterns from Karen Eckmeier . I didn't follow her descriptions, but I'm happy with the result anyway! The background is scraps from my rusted fabric, and I've used scraps from silk saris for the inner border and hanging. The size is 16" x 22".

mandag 7. september 2009

Sunday's Report

Another sunny Sunday - a lovely view and lots of mountain cranberries.

fredag 4. september 2009

A Princess for a Princess

I've made this quilt a couple of times before, but the family's youngest princess needed a wallhanging.....The pattern is from the Norwegian magazine "Familien". For those who know H.C.Andersen's story about the princess who couldn't sleep because of a pea under all the mattresses, you can see the pea if you click on the photo! And, yes, I know Andersen didn't mention frogs in his story, but one never knows with frogs...