onsdag 23. desember 2009

ABC i ord og bilder - N

These days, when almost everything is related to Christmas, I found it difficult to think of the letter N - until I found a photo of a Nativity scene I made a couple of years ago!
Happy Christmas everyone - and check more N posts here!

lørdag 19. desember 2009

ABC i ord og bilder - M

This week's letter is M, and my choice is a wall hanging called "Melons". A click on the photo will show the details.
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fredag 11. desember 2009

ABC i ord og bilder - L

L is of course for Lise - and a photo of my roses. The petals and leaves are real - trapped under organza and ironed. It should be possible to see the details by clicking on the photo.
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fredag 4. desember 2009

ABC i ord og bilder K

K is for Kalogria beach, also called Zorba's beach.
In 1917 Nikos Kazantzakis came to the village Stoupa which is situated 38 km southeast of Kalamata on the west coast of Greece. (For those who love olives, the Kalamata olives are the best!!) Kazantzakis settled down in a small cottage among the eucalyptus trees close to this beach and recruited Georgios Zorbas as his engineer in a mining business. The business was no success, mainly because of shortage of fuel during World War #1.
Kazantzakis success was his novel about Zorba the Greek - and most of us know the movie - and Zorba's dance. In the novel Zorba danced on this beach, but I think the movie was filmed somewhere in California!
Yes, I have spent some holidays in Stoupa - it's a favourite!!
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