lørdag 30. januar 2010

ABC i ord og bilder - S

S is for Shadow. On a sunny day last August I was playing with my shadow in the water. I think the colours turned out very interesting.

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søndag 24. januar 2010

ABC i ord og bilder - R

A Rake is not my favourite garden tool, but maybe, if I could find a blue one! A click on the photo will show the details.

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fredag 15. januar 2010

ABC i ord og bilder - Q

Another week, another letter - this time Q. Of course my choice had to be Quilt!
I have just finished this one. The batik fabrics were bought on a market in Ghana several years ago. The photo is not the best, the colours are brighter in "real life". The fabrics are very different from what I usually use in quilts, so I've never known what to do with them, until I found this pattern in The English Quilting and Patchwork Magazine recently. The batting is wool, so it's a perfect quilt for my favourite chair these days.
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