onsdag 26. mai 2010


To carry bits and pieces, I made this small bag from scraps. The "crazy quilter" is my favourite, I have some ideas for further use.........

Giveaway - The Winner

Congratulations Lisa!! Your bag will be posted in a few days. Hope you'll like it!
Thanks to all for your kind comments!

tirsdag 11. mai 2010


I think statistics are fun and interesting, that's why I installed Google Analytics and Feedjit on my blog some time ago. I'm surprised to see how many different countries my visitors come from. I "know" some of you from comments and would like to know even more. If you write a comment on this post before the 25th of May, you can win one of my shopping bags (others are for sale in my shop). The fabric is cotton with a screen print.

fredag 7. mai 2010


Some days ago, Lappedamen gave me this challenge: Write a blog post about your sources of inspiration. Well Eva, I find inspiration in a lot of things! Let's start with this: I love doors and windows. I found this door in Sienna, Italy.
Then of course, nature; landscapes, flowers, birds, fruits, sunsets.........
I love iron works; gates, fences........This photo is from Italy, but I also have a lot from Ireland!
For some strange reason, I need some more bookshelves for my ever growing collection of books and magazines. These are a few of the magazines I like:
And of course, I find tons of inspiration on other quilters' blogs! Very often I get carried away, following a link to another link to another link.........
I also keep journals where I write down all my good, and not so good!, ideas. I'm not a painter, so I write things down, cut out and glue photos from magazines, fabric scraps and other useful things. For the time being, I'm also working on a shopping list for the quilt festival in Birmingham later this year!!
Do YOU take the same challenge?? If so, I would love to hear from you!