fredag 27. august 2010


One day I would like to make a poppy quilt. The inspiration will be these annuals from my garden, called "Angels' choir". The flowers come in all shades of white, pink and red, single and double. I find them so beautiful.

fredag 20. august 2010

Colour Wheel

From the fabrics I dyed earlier this summer, I've made this colour wheel. Most of the fabrics are the hand dyed ones, only 8 are from my stash; some of the darkest hues, true red and green. I used a rainbow coloured thread for the quilting, and I think it turned out OK. The size is 60 x 60" and I've put it up on the wall close to my cutting table.

onsdag 4. august 2010

More Quilties

Two other quilties (6 x 6") from monthly swaps in the FibreFever-group. I made the first one for Wendy. Her theme is "Victorian". I found the patterns for these shoes in a magazine called Stitch some time ago, and I think they matched her theme quite well. A long time since I've made hand embroidery.... The next one is for Maureen who has "Oriental" as her theme. It was very difficult to get a good photo of the dragon. I used glitter glue as decoration, but it doesn't show very well on the photo.