lørdag 17. desember 2011

Fabric Book Page - December 2011

This is my December fabric book page made for Maureen in Australia. Her theme is "Spring". The fabrics are silk, most of them my own hand dyed - a stamp, some sequines, pearls, embroidery and couched yarn.

søndag 11. desember 2011

Wine Bags

I've made some wine bags lately. I love this lady! She's on the front of the bag and the clock is on the back. If you click on the photos, you'll see that the sign says "It's wine o'clock", and you'll find wine botttles on the clocks.....

søndag 27. november 2011

Fun with Felting Needles

I love knitting - earlier this autumn I tried something else than sweaters, scarves and socks. First I knitted the bag and ran it through the felting needles on my Bernina and then I made the flowers and did some hand embroidery. The bag is 7 x 7" and is lined with a green mottled handdyed fabric. The funny thing is that the bag won a price - some bundles of alpacca and silk yarn - just enough for another sweater.....!

søndag 20. november 2011

Mug Rugs

At long last, I've made some mug rugs....! Mona made this pattern which has been published in "Quiltemagasinet". The grey fabric is a Japanese one, the others my own handdyed. The mug rugs were fun and quick to make. Thank you Mona for a great pattern!!

fredag 11. november 2011

November Fabric Book Page

This is my November fabric book page sent to Maria in Germany. Her theme is modern art, and I hope she will enjoy my "interpretation" of one of Paul Klee's paintings. The size of the page is 6 x 6", so some of the fabric pieces are tiny - I used Misty Fuse on the back to keep them in place!

lørdag 29. oktober 2011

Grey and Blue

I bought the grey batik fabrics at the Quilt Festival in Birmingham UK in August, and I found the pattern for the table runner in "Quiltemagasinet" #2/2011, just added the narrow, blue border to get some more colour. Enough blocks for some cushions as well!

søndag 16. oktober 2011

Fabric Book Page

Once again I've signed up for a swap in The FibreFever group. We swap fabric book pages, size 6 x 6", every month. The members choose their themes for the swap - some of them can be very challenging....This is my October page for Margreet in the Netherlands. Her theme for the swap is "clocks". I used a Japanese fabric, stamps, hand quilting and embroidery.

søndag 9. oktober 2011

October Walk

A few days ago, "Wild and Wonderful" gave me this challenge: "Join me on hiking, tracking or just a simple walk on Sunday. Put on your walking shoes, bring with your camera (or needle and thread!) and document what you see on October the 9th - and link to my blog!"
I brought my camera, and this is what I saw (but I must admit it was on Saturday the 8th - Sunday I was busy with other things...and the rain was pouring down!):
Who said October has dull colours???:

A quilt from the stone age??:

Some of this years' last flowers in my garden:

onsdag 28. september 2011

Under Water?

Maybe a kind of "under water fantasy"?? The background fabric is handdyed cotton and I've used silk fibres of different kind for decoration - also wire, beads and painted and heat distressed Tyvek. Size 8 x 10".

mandag 19. september 2011


I've just spent a week in Marocco, an "ego-trip" - days with culture, museums, hammam, massage, shopping, garden visits, walking, walking, walking, and as always when I'm on holiday, lots of good food and wine. This time I also made some of the food myself - on a cookery course where I learned to make Maroccoan salads, bread and a chicken tagine. How fun was that!!?
Yves Saint Laurent had a beautiful house and garden in Marrakesh - well worth a visit. This is the address:
Shelves and shelves with powder for yarn and fabric dyeing. I didn't buy any, but I bought lot of spices!!

Once again, most of my holiday photos show doors..... These are from a harem in Marrakesh

The area where I live is famous for the local rose painting - I think the old painters got their inspiration from other parts of the world.....

onsdag 17. august 2011

Quilt Festival in Birmingham, UK

Last week I spent some days at the Quilt Festival in Birmingham, UK. So much fun!! I met some friends from an international textile group I'm a member of, got lots of inspiration and did a LOT of shopping!! The important question on Sunday evening was: is the suitcase big enough??? It was. I even managed to pack a cutting mat, 24 x 36" in it!! I don't buy much fabric anymore, I started dyeing my own last year, but I just can't resist African fabrics. These are a few.....

Fancy yarn, embroidery yarn, sari yarn, sari ribbon, wool tops for felting:

Last time I was in Birmingham, I bought my first Thermofax screens. My collection is growing!! The stamps are wooden ones, handcarved in India.

And of course a few books for inspiration!!

Was that all?? Of course not. The suitcase was 11 kilos when I left Norway - 22,6 when I left England. Lucky for me, the limit is 23 kilos...

søndag 24. juli 2011


This is what I woke up to this morning! The river is the road where I live. I was on my way for a few days off, but at the moment the town is isolated in direction Oslo and the airport and the water is only 1 meter away from my garage just now!!

lørdag 23. juli 2011

Terrible days

I hope you will share a few minutes with me in reflection. I have no words to express my feelings about what has happened in Norway during the last days

fredag 8. juli 2011

Problems, Problems, Problems

Not much blogging the last months - hopefully I'm back again now. First some health problems - and then a complete computer crash. I had copies of most of my photos and documents, but I lost a lot of mailaddresses and useful links.... What a disaster!
Anyway, I feel fit for fight again - and the photo shows an embroidery I've made lately - size 8 x 10" - inspiration (once again!) from the British magazine "Stitch".

fredag 25. mars 2011

Circles of Friends

This year, the EQA exhibition in Birmingham, UK , in August is called Circles of Friends. This is my entry, which I sent to the annual meeting of the Norwegian Quilters Association last weekend. Thanks a lot to those of you who voted for my circle!! - it will be one of 12 circles representing Norway in Birmingham ( I've already booked the tickets!!)

søndag 20. mars 2011

The Irish Patchwork Society

I have a good yahoo friend in Dublin, Ireland. We are both members of a fibre group called Art4Mail. Miriam is the president of the Irish Patchwork Society, and she has told me about the society's 30th anniversery this year. To celebrate, they are running a postcard exhibition - it will be on display in the Botanical Garden in Dublin in August. They want both national and international entries, so these are the two postcards I've sent them. Postcards will not be returned, but sold in aid of an Irish Breast Cancer Charity. The deadline for entries is mid June.
If you want to send a postcard, you'll find all the details - theme, address and so on - here. The first card is pansies from my garden, trapped under organza. The second one is silk fibres felted on wool, and with some hand embroidery.

mandag 7. mars 2011

This and That

Where do you keep your mp3-player in your handbag?? I've just made some of these and found them quite handy..... And where do you keep all your small items in the hotel room when travelling?? I found the pattern for this travel tray here. Quite handy as well, and as you can see from the photo, it takes up no space at all in the suitcase.

mandag 7. februar 2011


A few postcards I've made lately. The first one was made with a new technique for me. First, I quilted the background fabric, printed the motif on a sheet of water soluble paper, used matte medium on both fabric and paper (on the right side), put the two together and pressed with the back of a spoon, and voila; the motif was transferred.....Then I added some more quilting, just for fun! The next two are made with scraps, covered with tulle and quilted. Then I used a thermofax screen and glue for the feathers. When the glue was nearly dry, I put foil on top. A bit difficult to photograph, but the foil really added "bling" to the cards!
The last one is a winter postcard. I suppose some of my Norwegian readers will recognice the penguins - I cut them from a can of iced beer!!