søndag 24. juli 2011


This is what I woke up to this morning! The river is the road where I live. I was on my way for a few days off, but at the moment the town is isolated in direction Oslo and the airport and the water is only 1 meter away from my garage just now!!

lørdag 23. juli 2011

Terrible days

I hope you will share a few minutes with me in reflection. I have no words to express my feelings about what has happened in Norway during the last days

fredag 8. juli 2011

Problems, Problems, Problems

Not much blogging the last months - hopefully I'm back again now. First some health problems - and then a complete computer crash. I had copies of most of my photos and documents, but I lost a lot of mailaddresses and useful links.... What a disaster!
Anyway, I feel fit for fight again - and the photo shows an embroidery I've made lately - size 8 x 10" - inspiration (once again!) from the British magazine "Stitch".