onsdag 17. august 2011

Quilt Festival in Birmingham, UK

Last week I spent some days at the Quilt Festival in Birmingham, UK. So much fun!! I met some friends from an international textile group I'm a member of, got lots of inspiration and did a LOT of shopping!! The important question on Sunday evening was: is the suitcase big enough??? It was. I even managed to pack a cutting mat, 24 x 36" in it!! I don't buy much fabric anymore, I started dyeing my own last year, but I just can't resist African fabrics. These are a few.....

Fancy yarn, embroidery yarn, sari yarn, sari ribbon, wool tops for felting:

Last time I was in Birmingham, I bought my first Thermofax screens. My collection is growing!! The stamps are wooden ones, handcarved in India.

And of course a few books for inspiration!!

Was that all?? Of course not. The suitcase was 11 kilos when I left Norway - 22,6 when I left England. Lucky for me, the limit is 23 kilos...