mandag 19. september 2011


I've just spent a week in Marocco, an "ego-trip" - days with culture, museums, hammam, massage, shopping, garden visits, walking, walking, walking, and as always when I'm on holiday, lots of good food and wine. This time I also made some of the food myself - on a cookery course where I learned to make Maroccoan salads, bread and a chicken tagine. How fun was that!!?
Yves Saint Laurent had a beautiful house and garden in Marrakesh - well worth a visit. This is the address:
Shelves and shelves with powder for yarn and fabric dyeing. I didn't buy any, but I bought lot of spices!!

Once again, most of my holiday photos show doors..... These are from a harem in Marrakesh

The area where I live is famous for the local rose painting - I think the old painters got their inspiration from other parts of the world.....

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Guzzisue sa...

This is somewhere i would love to go to. Long trip on the bike though :-))

Vilt og vakkert sa...

I den haven har jeg faktisk vært!
Ha en fin søndag ;:OD)
Kunne egentlig tenkt meg en tur til til Marokko. Vi besøkte alle kongebyene, Sahara og Atlasfjella. Fantastisk land!