tirsdag 18. desember 2012

Scrap Quilt #4

I've just finished my scrap quilt # 4. The photo shows 1/4 of it. I like sewing these quilts. The not so fun parts are cutting and quilting!! Only a simple grid pattern is lot of work on my Bernina.....

søndag 11. november 2012

Another Little Quilt Swap #7

Once again I've participated in Another Little Quilt Swap organized by Kate in UK. This is my quilt which will be sent to Glenys in New Zeland.
In the summer months, I work at an folk art/open air museum, and the quilt is a kind of greeting from the place. The horse in the middle is a handle, dating back to medival time. My Norwegian readers will know the embroidery - it's part of an old wooden calendar. The corner blocks are the museum's logos.
I've used photo print both on cotton and organza, sun print, stencils and hand embroidery.
I think Kate will announce a swap again next year. If you are interested, you'll find information on her blog here.

torsdag 1. november 2012

Blue Town - Bluestown

A weekend in  August every year, my hometown which is a quiet little town, transforms into a a crowded place with thousends and thousends of visitors who come here for a blues festival - or THE blues festival. Lots of famous artists have been here, from US, Europe and of course from Norway. Last August the festival celebrated 25 years anniversary. This wall hanging is my tribute....  Once, the town was a busy, industrial town with an iron work, a paper mill and other factories. The silhouetttes on the wall hanging show some of the factory buildings. The mike is the festivals' logo, and I suppose my Norwegian readers will recognize the names of some of the local artists.....

søndag 14. oktober 2012

Fabric Baskets - Zakka Style

Inspired by a book called "Zakka Style" I've just made these fabric baskets in linen and cotton. The biggest one is 6,5 x 6,5". Zakka is a Japanese term which, loosely translated, means something handmade that is useful yet pleasing.

tirsdag 9. oktober 2012

More Mug Rugs

I've made some more mug rugs  - and again I've used Mona's pattern published in Quiltemagasinet.  They are fun and easy to make.
I wrapped the mugs and the rugs in cellophane - difficult to clear photos photos - but hopefully it will give you an idea. I photographed each mug and rug and made tags. Turned out ok, I think!

fredag 21. september 2012

Lavender Mice

Lot of lavender in my garden this summer - I've picked and dried bunches - and made several of these mice which now are filled with lovely scent. For my Norwegian readers: egentlig synes jeg ikke de ligner så mye på mus! De minner mest om "Romlingane" som var på Barne-tv for mange år siden!!

fredag 14. september 2012

Wet Felted Flowers

Inspired by the Scottish artist Moy Mackay I've tried wet felting with wool for the first time. Great fun!! I added some silk and Angelina to the wool to give the vase and the flowers a bit of sparkling.. I have a lot of ideas in my head now....
The first photo shows the piece after felting - I forgot to take photos when the wool was laid out! - and the second the finished piece. I added some hand- and machine embroidery to define the flowers and the outline of the vase.  Size 11 x 14".

Nina Marie commented my flowers. On her blog, you'll find a post called Off the Wall Friday - lots of inspiration there - have a look!!

fredag 3. august 2012

Knitting Mittens

 I've been knitting this summer, mostly mittens. If you would like to knit the grey and white ones, follow this link, and you'll find the diagram. The text is in Norwegian - and in English as well!!
For the multicoloured, I just doubled the measurements from another chart, used thin wool and thick needles and put them in the washingmachine on 40 degrees C.
The grey and white ones are knitted in a yarn called "Fin-ull" the others in "Kauni".

lørdag 7. juli 2012

Dyeing with ice cubes

 A couple of years ago, I dyed fabric with snow. Although the summer weather is not the best here at the moment, we have no snow - so why not try ice cubes??

I first soaked the fabrics (fat quarterts) in a soda ash solution, put them into containers, added ice cubes and dye powder and left it all in the kitchen until the next day. In the big container there are three layers with fabric, ice and dyes - in the cups only one layer. The red ice cubes show the top of the big container - I used two different red dyes.

And this is the result after washing and ironing. A click on the photo will give you a better idea. Fun - and unpredictable results!

fredag 1. juni 2012

And the winner is....

A couple of years ago, I "found" Chris Gray's stand at the Quilt Festival in Birmingham. I bought some lovely embroidery threads there, and since then I've followed her blog. Some time ago I was one of the VERY happy winners of a give away she arrranged. These goodies has arrived in the post. I love the colours.
I you want to have a look at the little French panel Chris has made with similar supplies (and other inspiering work as well!!) this is the link. Enjoy!

lørdag 19. mai 2012

BBQ season in June??

For a birthday present in June I've made another pair of pot holders with my favourite ladies. This sign says : "Does this grill come with a man?".
I hope the "birthday child" will enjoy a lot of  bbq meals this summer....

torsdag 10. mai 2012

Fabric Book Page - May 2012

This is the page I made for Kate in Denmark. Her theme was "Celtic". It's difficult to see on the photo, but the background is a text written with Celtic letters. The text is covered with copper organza, and then I added foil, velvet ribbon and pearls. Making the knot was tricky!!
This was the last page in this swap. It has been great fun to participate!

søndag 29. april 2012

Fabric Book Page - April 2012

This is my book page for Helinä. Her theme was "White on White". I felted silk fibres on wool fleece, added lace, embroidery and pearls.

lørdag 24. mars 2012


This is the first time I've made a bargello quilt, and I don't think I'll do it again. I found it difficult! The size is 32 x 28", so it's a rather small piece. I had lots of fun with the decorations, some are painted, some embroidered, couched yarn, painted and distressed Tyvek..... It was my entry for the annual meeting in the Norwegian Quilt Association last weekend. This year's theme was "Sea". You'll find more from the meeting and competitions here.

søndag 11. mars 2012

Fabric Book Page - March 2012

This is my fabric book page for Helga B in the Fiber Fever group. She had no specific theme, but wanted a letter on her page. I did some experiments with foil for her page. The conclusion is that foil and cheesecloth is not the best combination, but I like the colours!

søndag 26. februar 2012

Stormy Weather

I've been working on this wall hanging for a long time now. I found the pattern in a German quilt magazin. It was more complicated than I thought to cut the blocks - or maybe it's my bad German language???  Anyway, today it's finished - size 35 x 35". Except of the black fabric, they are all my own handdyed - 4 yellow and 11 grey shades - had great fun with that job - I love dyeing fabrics.

lørdag 18. februar 2012

Postcards and Mug rug

I haven't done much sewing the last weeks, but here are some postcards - "left overs" from another project - and another mug rug. I like this pattern, and this time I added a pincushion.

onsdag 8. februar 2012

Pot Holders

A birthday present - pot holders with my favourite ladies! The signs say: "Dinner is poured" and "I'm on a 30 day diet - so far I've lost 15 days!"
The fabric is handdyed and I found the buttons in my mother's button box.

søndag 5. februar 2012

TAST - 2012

 As you can see on the sidebar, I've signed up for Tast (Take A Stitch Tuesday) 2012. Sharon at Pin Tangel runs a challenge in 2012. Every Tuesday during the year, she posts a new stitch, and the challenge is to work a sampel.
I've started to make a journal, and these are my first sampels. If you follow the link to Pin Tangel, you'll find a very inspiring blog. Sharons instructions for the stitches are very good, she also shows different ideas for each stitch - and a lot of people who have signed up also link to their blogs. Enjoy!!