søndag 29. januar 2012

Fabric Book #2

 My theme for Fiber Fever's book page swap in 2010 was "Doors". The photo of the Greek door on the cover is first printed on cotton, then overlayed with the same print on organza. I quilted the layers together and added some hand embroidery. I'm happy with the result!

tirsdag 24. januar 2012

Fabric Book

In 2009 I signed up for my first fabric book page swap in the Fiber Fever textile group. My theme was "Flowers". Until yesterday, the pages I received have been displayed on a wall in my sewing room.  But now, at last!!, I've made the book I've planned for such a long time. The pages are 6 x 6", so the book is slightly larger.

lørdag 14. januar 2012


I made this bag for a lady who sings in a choir. The size should fit her music books. The lady's sign says: "I'm not bossy, I just have better ideas"........