fredag 21. september 2012

Lavender Mice

Lot of lavender in my garden this summer - I've picked and dried bunches - and made several of these mice which now are filled with lovely scent. For my Norwegian readers: egentlig synes jeg ikke de ligner så mye på mus! De minner mest om "Romlingane" som var på Barne-tv for mange år siden!!

fredag 14. september 2012

Wet Felted Flowers

Inspired by the Scottish artist Moy Mackay I've tried wet felting with wool for the first time. Great fun!! I added some silk and Angelina to the wool to give the vase and the flowers a bit of sparkling.. I have a lot of ideas in my head now....
The first photo shows the piece after felting - I forgot to take photos when the wool was laid out! - and the second the finished piece. I added some hand- and machine embroidery to define the flowers and the outline of the vase.  Size 11 x 14".

Nina Marie commented my flowers. On her blog, you'll find a post called Off the Wall Friday - lots of inspiration there - have a look!!