søndag 11. november 2012

Another Little Quilt Swap #7

Once again I've participated in Another Little Quilt Swap organized by Kate in UK. This is my quilt which will be sent to Glenys in New Zeland.
In the summer months, I work at an folk art/open air museum, and the quilt is a kind of greeting from the place. The horse in the middle is a handle, dating back to medival time. My Norwegian readers will know the embroidery - it's part of an old wooden calendar. The corner blocks are the museum's logos.
I've used photo print both on cotton and organza, sun print, stencils and hand embroidery.
I think Kate will announce a swap again next year. If you are interested, you'll find information on her blog here.

torsdag 1. november 2012

Blue Town - Bluestown

A weekend in  August every year, my hometown which is a quiet little town, transforms into a a crowded place with thousends and thousends of visitors who come here for a blues festival - or THE blues festival. Lots of famous artists have been here, from US, Europe and of course from Norway. Last August the festival celebrated 25 years anniversary. This wall hanging is my tribute....  Once, the town was a busy, industrial town with an iron work, a paper mill and other factories. The silhouetttes on the wall hanging show some of the factory buildings. The mike is the festivals' logo, and I suppose my Norwegian readers will recognize the names of some of the local artists.....