søndag 22. juni 2014

Flower Panels #3 and 4

 Flower panels # 3 and 4 are made with the same flower stencils as the first two panels. # 3 is painted with fabric paint and paintsticks, I used the stencils as quilting pattern, and I also used ripped painter's masking tape as stencils.
#4 has flowers made of painted vlisofix (wonder under?) and some silver foil for the stems. This panel is heavily quilted with free-hand zig zag stitches. That made the flowers "pop out" rather nice, I think.
I like making french knots, so I added some as a finish.
The panels were finished in April I think, but we have had many weeks with lovely weather here, so I've been busy in the garden - no time for blogging!!

4 kommentarer:

2ne sa...

Så flotte disse ble - kreativt og gir masse inspirasjon :-)

Debbie S. sa...

Very nice, wonderful ideas for flowers.

crazyQstitcher sa...

Cleverly made. I like the long stems on the flowers too.
I've not tried any of these methods..yet.
Thanks for the inspiration :-)

Judy Kiesow sa...

I like your flower panels! I was wondering if you have ever shopped in Oslo Norway and if there are shops you could give me the names of. I will be in Oslo in June and would love to visit Quilt, fabric and yarn shops. Thanks for any help!!! judyk2310@yahoo.com