onsdag 7. januar 2015

Inspiration from "Stitch"

In every issue of the magazine "Stitch" I find at least one project I would like to make. I have just finished these two. The first one, buddleias,  is size 35 x 35cm. The leaves are silk scraps, raw edge appliqued. The flowers are made of tiny silk scraps, trapped between two sheets of water soluble plastic, heavily quilted and then fixed to the background with french knots. Although I like making french knots, it will take some time before I'll make them again. I haven't counted the stitches.....
The Indian ladies are A4 size. I painted the background, stamped and embroidered it. The bowl and feet are also painted, the saris are made of silk - and of course with some "bling" and embroidery.

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Lappedamen sa...

Nydelig blomsterbilde, du har fått frem dybden med lys og skygge. Flotte sari-damer også.