onsdag 7. juni 2017

Coiled Fabric Bowls

On a rainy day, I finished these coiled fabric bowls. All I needed was some yards of cotton clothes line,fabric - and a lot of patience!!

fredag 7. april 2017

Folded Stars - once again

Once again I've folded fabrics - this time silk fabrics - and never again!! Working with silk is a challenge. My seam ripper became very useful.... Anyway, now the table runner is finished. It's a birthday present for a friend, and I hope she'll like it.

torsdag 16. februar 2017

Folded Stars

 I've spent some hours folding fabrics, and these two table toppers are the result. The first one is 70cm across, the second 54.
I made pot holders in this technique some years ago - much easiers than  making table toppers. I must admit that my seam ripper was useful this time, the seams have to be very precise...........